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About Us
Priddis Greens Community Association

The Priddis Greens Community Association (PGCA) is a registered not for profit society under the Societies Act in Alberta. The Association was established in 1990.  

The key roles of the Association currently include:

- Maintaining and ensuring adherence to the restrictive covenants and architectural guidelines that apply to the homes within our community

- Acting on behalf of all members of the association on matters of common interest, including interface with the Priddis Greens Services Co-op (PGSC) and various government agencies

- Providing a welcome service to new residents, including an awareness of the applicable architectural guidelines and restrictive covenants

- Publication and maintenance of a local telephone directory

- Organizing and promoting recreational and social activities for residents of the community

​All residents of the community are members of the Association. Dues are collected by the PGSC on behalf of the PGCA as part of the monthly services fees charged to all residents. The Association is governed by a volunteer Board that is reappointed each year at an Annual General Meeting, typically in the May-July timeframe

Priddis Greens Services Co-op

The Services Co-op was taken over from the original developer (Priddis Creek Developments) in 1991 and has been governed since that time by a Board of Directors comprised of six residents elected at the Annual General Meeting in April of each year, plus the General Manager of the Priddis Greens Golf & Country Club.  

​The purpose of the Services Co-op is to provide the following services to the community:

 - Potable water supply and sewage treatment

 - Garbage pick-up

 - Snow removal

 - Grass maintenance

 - Summer irrigation (non-potable water)

The above services are provided to four basic user groups:

 - The condo residents (26 condo corporations) - all of the above services

- The 12 single lot owners - potable water and garbage pick-up

 - The Priddis Greens Golf Club - receives potable water and sewage treatment

 - Hawk's Landing Services Co-op - receives potable water. In addition, effective Dec 1, 2010, the Priddis Greens Services Co-op entered into a contract with Hawk's Landing Services Co-op to operate their potable water distribution system and their waste water treatment plant. This service is being provided by our Services Co-op for a monthly fee
Community Association Annual General Meeting

The AGM wias held at the Golf Club
Tuesday June 26, 2018

Services Co-op Annual General Meeting

The 31st AGM was held at the Golf Club 
Tuesday, April 24, 2018 

Board Members 

Combined for Community Association and Services Co-op

You will find this on the 
Members Login page

The Members Login page is only for residents of Sunrise Way and Sunset Way of Priddis Greens 

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