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Advertisements appearing on this page are provided strictly as a public service to the Priddis Greens residents.   
The cost of advertising is free and each ad will 
appear for approximately one month,(or by discretion), unless instructed to remove sooner.  

Contact us at
to place an ad (see Contact Us page to fill out the form or just send an email directly to this email address)


Wouldn't you like to share with the community to help build a list of great trades people (and companies) that you would recommend or those to avoid?   

Please contact us with the details (include their name, phone numbers, email addresses, type of work, etc - as much detail as you can).

There are two documents, click on the one you want:


Please help us build this list.  You can email your information to
Priddis Library - Open Mon, Tues and Thurs 3:00 to 5:00 PM in old-school house
Updated Canada Post hours at Priddis Business Connection Inc:

Mon, Wed, Thurs & Fri = 9 AM to 12:30 PM   &  1:30 PM to 5 PM

Tues = 11 AM to 2:30 PM   &  3:30 PM to 7 PM

Sat = 10 AM to 2 PM
Do you have any Living Room furniture that you want to get rid of?  Couches, tables, lamps, comfy chairs, etc.  Also, any Bedroom side tables.

If you would like to donate them, please contact Ross (info below) 
and include pictures of the furniture.

The house at Turf Care will be occupied again this coming golf season, and we are in need of some furniture. 

 We will even come to your door to pick up these items.

Thank you kindly,

Ross at