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Many of us in the neighbourhood are using HR Recycling service to pick up all our regular recycling of papers, empty food cans, jars, plastic etc.etc. and in some cases our bottles & beer/pop cans. James Harland is the gentleman providing this service and
I have just learned that he and a partner are opening a ’second hand’ type store in High River. As a result they will also take any other household or garden items that are no longer of use or wanted.

He picks up every Wednesday morning (same as our regular garbage day) and provides this service for an extremely reasonable rate. So that the recycling items don’t get mixed with the garbage pickup he requests that anything to be recycled be put outside
our garage doors verses at the end of the drive way.

I encourage anyone wishing to use this service to give James a call to sign up. James can provide full details on the service he can provide and save the need to haul items to the Priddis transfer site or into the city to recycle or to places like Value Village.

James Harland - HR Recycling
(403) 651-9343