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PGCASC Gallery
Here are some examples of our local community photographers at work. 

Did you know we are accepting your photos of Priddis Greens to publish here?  Contact info is at the bottom of this page.
from Pat MacFarlane
Progress of robins from Pat MacFarlane
Cougar cub in tree - May 2012
Robin babies submitted by Pat MacFarlane
Various submissions
December Crisp - submitted by Pat MacFarlane
Cougar paw prints in sand trap on Raven 16 - spotted Fri, Apr 26th 2013.  Prints are approximately 4 " wide
Cougar paw prints in sand trap on Raven 16.. Click on image for close up
Want your photos of Priddis Greens to be show-cased on this page?  Do you have a really great photo worthy of being put on the home page?

Then you can contact Myra or send your photos to:  (on Contact Us page)

Our street signs - submitted by Pat MacFarlane
Entrance to Hamlet of Priddis Greens - submitted by Pat MacFarlane
Mom & Twins - submitted by Tim Jobbins
Pass your mouse over most images for some descriptions
Winter morning - submitted by John Giesbrecht
Robin babies - submitted by Tim Jobbins
Taken Nov 22
Young Moose - Easter Sunday 2014
Cecropia Moth - wing span 4" - May 2015
Short video of the Cecropia Moth --->
Twister - July 22 2015 taken by Gerry Potter
Twister - July 22 2015 taken by Cam Champion from Turf Care
Touch down on Tsu Tina Nation - July 22
Twister - July 22 2015 taken by Cam Champion from Turf Care
Another view from an office building in Calgary
Submitted by Pat MacFarlane
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