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Priddis Greens Community Association

The Priddis Greens Community Association (PGCA) is a registered not for profit society under the Societies Act in Alberta.  The Association was established in 1990.  

The key roles of the Association currently include:
- Maintaining and ensuring adherence to the restrictive covenants and architectural guidelines that apply to the homes within our community
- Acting on behalf of all members of the association on matters of common interest, including interface with the Priddis Greens Services Co-op (PGSC) and various government agencies
- Providing a welcome service to new residents, including an awareness of the applicable architectural guidelines and restrictive covenants
- Publication and maintenance of a local telephone directory
- Organizing and promoting recreational and social activities for residents of the community

All residents of the community are members of the Association.  Dues are collected by the PGSC on behalf of the PGCA as part of the monthly services fees charged to all residents.  The Association is governed by a volunteer Board that is reappointed each year at an Annual General Meeting, typically in the May-July timeframe
Announcements & Previous Messages:
Board Members

You will find this on the Members Login page


Bear Facts” that you might find helpful. This ummary is from information received from contact with the Fish and Wildlife folks at Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development. There are also links to additional information if you have an interest in more detail (click here for the email received from Pam Stevens at AE&SRD).

People should be aware that a bear can take down feeders and may be especially interested in our garbage cans that get put out over night.

While ensuring that all of our garbage is in cans with tight-fitting lids is helpful, we may still discover some are tossed around by this hungry guy. If anyone finds strewn garbage, please help with the clean-up. 

Lastly, be cautious when you’re out for your walk. Our bears haven’t bothered people yet, but they’re unpredictable.


This message is a friendly reminder that our restrictive covenants include provisions related to dog ownership – one of which requires that dogs be kept on leash at all times outside of a home owner’s property.  

Most dog owners in the community are very good when it comes to compliance with the restrictive covenant requirements and thank you for your diligence! 


Please be advised there is now designated golf cart parking along the east side of the event lawn. For Condo Golf Cart Owners and vehicles, parking in front of the Clubhouse is prohibited. Vehicle parking is prohibited along the east side of the event lawn, designated as golf cart parking only.

Your cooperation is appreciated. 

 was held on 
June 26, 2018


June 12:  Message from Charles:

Plans are underway to update the Intermunicipal Development Plan between the City of Calgary and the MD of Foothills. 

Click here for additional information provided from Logan Cox, Development Officer for the MD.

2015 continued:  

Apr 8:  Message from Charles:
The MD has charged the North West Foothills Recreation Board (NWFRB) with the identification and development of recreation projects in our area of the MD. One of their first projects is the Seaman Sports Park under development adjacent to the Millarville Race Track. The board is now contemplating the addition of an Active Living Recreation Centre at the park and the MD has asked that they survey residents with respect to what is being proposed. The first phase of the indoor facility could include an ice arena, fitness/wellness space, senior’s club, library, local museum, indoor walking/jogging track and multi-purpose rooms.  Click on the link at the end of this message for their latest newsletter which provides some background information.

  Additional information - and a link to the survey - is available on their website - The survey runs from March 28th to May 31st. This is a great opportunity to provide the NWFRB - and the MD - with your feedback. I encourage everyone to take the opportunity to provide your input on what's being proposed. You can make a difference!

Click here for the newsletter.

May 30:  Message from Charles:
We Have finally received notice from Priddis Creek Developments that they have signed off on the new villa architectural standards that the community voted in favour of last fall. I will forward a fully executed copy as soon as I receive it from the developer.

As a reminder, the updated architectural standards document deals with changes to the exterior of the Priddis Greens villas. This update has consolidated and updated a number of documents that had been developed over time such that all architectural standards are now in one document.  All prior documents related to villa architectural standards are replaced by this new document.  There are a couple of related documents that continue to be relevant. They are:

1. The Restrictive Covenant that is on title of every condominium unit – this is the overarching document that sets out certain restrictions that apply to the ownership of each condominium unit. Section 5 of this document makes reference to the architectural guidelines (now called standards) that the new architectural standards document aims to provide more detail on.

2. The Condominium Corporation By-Laws – these are bylaws that govern the operation of the condominium corporation that has been put in place for each quad in Priddis Greens to govern certain common affairs for the condominium plan (the quad) and which also contain certain restrictions that apply to ownership of the individual condominium units. It is these bylaws that can be modified by the quad owners to include architectural standards restrictions that are more restrictive than what is in the document that residents approved last night (an example might be requiring a single front door colour for all units in a quad). The Condominium Corporation By-Laws also include a clause requiring compliance with the restrictive covenants on title of each condominium unit.

My sincere apologies for the length of time it has taken to get final sign off. As noted above, I will forward a fully executed copy when I receive it- hopefully within the next week or so.


July 9:  Message from Roberta:

PGCA Documents

At the AGM it was mentioned that we have now compiled the key PGCA documents into a book that can be purchased by residents for $10, which covers the actual cost of one book. It contains all of the key documents that guide our community including:

1. Welcome Letter to New Residents including history and other relevant and helpful information.

2. Priddis Greens Services Co-op Ltd. General Policies (June 2012)

3. Priddis Greens Community Association By-Laws

4. Restrictive Covenant for Single Family Homes

5. Restrictive Covenant for Condominiums

6. Additional Restrictive Covenant Procedures and Consent Forms

o PGCA Dog Consent Form

o Tree Removal and Pruning

o Camper Vans

o Satellite Dishes

7. Architectural Standards and Process 2015

8. Sample Condominium Corporation Bylaws

If you would like to purchase a book, a limited number will be available at the Block Party. If you signed up for a book at the AGM, it can be picked up at the Block Party; otherwise I will deliver it personally in the near future. The documents found in the book are also available for downloading on

As always, let me know if you have questions or concerns.

Nov 18 2016:  Message from Roberta:

As you may be aware, Alberta is amending the Condominium Act and it is slated to come into effect soon.

There have been some rumours that these changes will impact us significantly in that we will be required to employ a professional condominium manager. We have researched this and can confirm that the amendments will not require us to have a condominium manager. We can continue to be self-managed.  

I understand that a few residents have been told by institutions that they will only deal with a Property Manager once the changes are in effect. This is misinformation on their part. Because there appears to be misconceptions about the Amended Act, we have obtained written confirmation of our ability to remain self-managed from the Government and from the Real Estate Council Alberta who oversees the education and certification of Property Managers.  

Please click here for both letters. I suggest you take these with you when dealing with banks, mortgage institutions, etc.
(Also available in Members Login area )

I’d like to thank Tish Jepp who worked tirelessly on our behalf to understand the amended Act, how it will affect us, and secured the attached letters.  

This is a great opportunity to remind everyone that a complete set of condominium records is required in the event you sell your home. We plan to offer a free education session in the Spring regarding what documents are required, and how to obtain them.

Please let me know if you have questions or concerns.

Warm regards,

Update on Pickleball:  This is in the works for getting funding.

Original Message:
We have been working with the Priddis Community Association to try to get support to paint lines for Pickleball on the tennis courts in Priddis. The board is generally supportive, but the tennis community has concerns that doing so will take time away from tennis players. I don’t believe the courts are all that heavily utilized and think we can find a way to allow both to be played on the same courts by agreeing to dedicated times for each.
Jan 24 2017:

Hello Neighbours,

I’d would like to provide an update on a couple of important topics.

Use of Golf Course for Skiing and Snowshoeing

We have had a year of wonderful snow, which has made for excellent skiing and snowshoeing on the golf course. I’d like to remind everyone that when using the golf course for this purpose, you must stay on the designated paths. If you happen to see people wandering off the paths, please remind them that this is not allowed. We would like to continue to have use of the golf course to enjoy winter activities for years to come.

Walking Path

As you may have noticed, a good portion of the walking path is covered in thick ice making it dangerous to use. Signs have been put up warning people to avoid the icy sections of the path. The ice was caused by a release of water from the water treatment plant, which is a necessary and common occurrence. Given this, we met with the MD to discuss potential remedies for future years. We have a number of options that we are exploring and we are optimistic that we can better control the problem in future years. 

Post Office

Hopefully everyone that donated to keep the Post Office in Priddis has now received a tax receipt for their donation. If not, please let me know. Hopefully you’ve had a chance to visit the new venue. I spoke with the temporary post master a couple of weeks ago and the new space is working very well. The way in which the community rallied to keep the Post Office was amazing. For all these reasons, it is with a great deal of disappointment and sadness (and perhaps a bit of outrage) that I must inform you that the Post Office will likely be closing in Priddis as of March 1st. We met with Canada Post yesterday where we were informed of their decision. At the time that we collected the money to keep the post office in Priddis, Canada Post had hired a permanent Post Master for Priddis and we were confident that if we could secure and pay for an interim location, we would be able to keep the Post Office for the long-term. Just prior to moving into the new space, the newly hired Post Master withdrew from the position. There was only one other qualified candidate, but they also withdrew their name from consideration. Canada Post would not reveal the reasons for the withdrawals. Canada Post committed to using temporary staffing through February while they searched for a new Post Master. This search has proven to be fruitless as Canada Post has not found any additional qualified candidates. It has difficult to find temporary staff to man the Post Office and Canada Post is having to pay for travel time and costs for the temporary workers. This isn’t a situation they can continue to manage and support. I am very sorry to have to provide this update. Unfortunately, Canada Post was intractable on their decision. There is a small possibility that someone may open a Canada Post franchise in the area in the future. 

I have discussed the donations that were given to the Priddis Community Association for the Post Office with the President of the PCA, Ed Osborne. A good portion of the money has already been spent on renovations of the new space, moving costs, rent and utilities. Because tax receipts have already been issued, it is not possible to refund any of the remaining donated funds, which will go towards the building of the multi-purpose facility in Priddis. This project is still on track and as members of the Priddis Community Association, we will have access to use the new facility. Any donors who gave $300+ will be given special recognition on the new facility as promised.

I discussed with Canada Post where we will now pick up parcels and registered letters. They have agreed to meet with me on February 6th to discuss the possibilities and have agreed to accommodate our preferences if possible. They have indicated that we will either go to Bragg Creek, or somewhere in South Calgary, however we must choose one location for the entire community. I suspect that most people would choose South Calgary, but if you have any strong preferences, please send them to me. I will do my best to advocate on the community’s behalf to get the best solution possible at this point. I will send another update after the meeting on February 6th and again, I am truly sorry to have to report this to you.

Nov 14 2016:  Reminder from the Restrictive Covenant Committee:

As the amount of daylight decreases and we head into the holiday season, the Restrictive Covenant Committee would like to remind all residents of Priddis Greens of the Dark Sky Bylaw, which is supported by the Restrictive Covenant and Architectural Standards.

The Dark Sky Bylaw (MD of Foothills #31) (click on link for more information)

“The purpose and intent of Bylaw 27/2009 and subsequent amendments is to regulate the type of light source and fixture that is to be installed by any person2 in the MD, thereby mitigating further light pollution, and reducing existing light pollution, that is shown (in certain instances) to adversely affect astronomical observation, plant and animal cycles, and the safety and health of those persons within the MD.”

Priddis Greens Architectural Standards

To support the Dark Sky Bylaw and ensure visual cohesiveness within our community, the Architectural Standards outlines lighting options and restrictions within Priddis Greens. Details can be found in Section 7.14 of the Standards, but we would like to remind residents of several important specifications regarding outside lighting:

· The Dark Sky Bylaw prohibits the use of incandescent light bulbs.

· All outdoor lighting shall be LED only, of 2700 – 3200 Kelvins.

· No rope or mesh lighting is allowed except during the holiday season of December 1st to January 31st and shall be turned off at night as per the Bylaw requirements.

We ask that all residents read and ensure adherence to the Architectural Standards in all areas including outdoor lighting.

Thank you.
Priddis Greens Community Association Restrictive Covenant Committee

are on the 
Members Login area
Message from Judy H:

Hello Neighbours. Hope you are enjoying the arrival of spring!! FINALLY!!

I am in the process of thinking through and planning our community events for the season so noting with gratitude those who have joined the LET’S DO THIS! team of great volunteers over the years. 

We would SO welcome your involvement this year for any and all of the events that we set out in our recent SAVE THE DATE email. If you would like to participate please send an email to let us know which(s), and if there is a specific involvement you would prefer - in addition to the eating/drinking/laughing parts!  

I also welcome your suggestions of others who are new to the community or have expressed and interest to be involved - who might want to join the fun!

And best of all - We want to encourage you to get to know your neighbours over the summer and invite those who may be new - or shy - to get involved in this beautiful community of GREAT FOLKS!  

These are some of the things that will likely apply to both the BLOCK PARTY (July 8th) and also the CORN/LOBSTER BOIL (September 22nd) in the fall:  

Set Up
Take Down
Tents, Tables (pick up/set up/take down/return)
Potluck organization
Shopping for food and party supplies
Reception/Registration/Name Tags

Look forward to hearing from you and seeing your smiling faces in the ‘hood’ this season!  
Change of Address thru Canada Post:

It is your responsibility to ensure that Land Titles has your correct mailing address.
The MD of Foothills is not responsible for tax penalties due to incorrect mailing addresses.
Contact Land Titles Office at:
403 297-6511

(this was issued in the recent copy of the MD of Foothills NEWS letter)

Reminder to residents of two important Restrictive Covenant rules regarding dog ownership in Priddis Greens:

Owners must pick up after their dogs. Not everyone walking a dog in our neighbourhood is a resident of Priddis Greens, so if you see anyone not doing this, please remind them of their obligation.

Dogs are required to be on-leash at all times. This is important because we live in bear/cougar country, but is also an important to ensure the safety of all dogs in the neighbourhood.
Message from Roberta:

As you may recall, at last year’s AGM, we asked you to vote on the acceptance of revised Bylaws for the Association. The vote exceeded 75% approval, thus the new Bylaws were accepted by the membership. They were then submitted to Society Alberta and were accepted in February 2018. The new Bylaws are now in effect. They can be found on in the Members Login page.

For those that have a New Resident’s Guide, the old Bylaws can be found in the Appendices under Tab 2 in the Guide. The attached Bylaws actually replace Schedule B only. I suggest you discard Schedule B and replace it with the attached document. 

The revised Bylaws will help the Association operate efficiently and effectively. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

If you were at the AGM Tuesday June 26, you know that I have resigned from the Board after serving as a Director for almost 5 years. It was time to hand the reigns!

The new Board met on Friday and voted in Lynn Donaldson as the new Chair. Congratulations Lynn! All future PGCA Chair communication will come from Lynn, so please contact her at with any Board-related requests.

I has been my pleasure to serve you. My best wishes go to Lynn and the new Board as they begin another year of PGCA stewardship.