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Parcel pickup 
has returned to 
the Hamlet of Priddis, 
out of Priddis Business Connection 
at the Priddis Plaza.
Effective November 1, 2017, the City of Calgary implemented a number of enhanced dumping restrictions for all carriers using facilities at city landfill sites.

As a result, GFL Environmental will NOT take any flattened 'cardboard' as landfill sites will not allow cardboard to be mixed with household garbage. Loads that have cardboard mixed in are charged a significant surcharge per metric ton for that load. Please, only put household garbage out, for pickup by GFL. Household garbage must be in tied plastic bags and placed in garbage can's with tight fitting lids. Our contract allows for two garbage cans per household per week. Garbage should be put out before 7:30 AM each MONDAY for pickup.

For those residents using Range Recycling for cardboard and other recyclable items the pickup day remains as WEDNESDAY, however the pick time is changed to between 8:30 and 9:30 AM. If you have not subscribed to this weekly service and would like to, please go to the Range Recycling website at to subscribe or for more information.

Change of Address thru Canada Post:

It is your responsibility to ensure that Land Titles has your correct mailing address.
The MD of Foothills is not responsible for tax penalties due to incorrect mailing addresses.
Contact Land Titles Office at:
403 297-6511

(this was issued in the recent copy of the MD of Foothills NEWS letter)

Dec 20:  
Holiday greetings from the Priddis Greens Community Association!

As we head towards a new year, we would like to provide a couple of important reminders:

Dog owners, please remember to keep your dogs on leash at all times, and continue to clean up after them. 

Although there are special considerations regarding holiday lighting between December 1 and January 31, in order to support the Foothills Dark Sky Bylaw and in consideration of your neighbours, please ensure your holiday lights are extinguished by 10 pm. 

The Axia fibre installation is continuing at a good pace, although it won’t be complete before the end of the year as hoped. In preparation, Axia advises the following:
“If you have an email address from your existing service provider, you will most likely no longer have access to it when you unsubscribe from their services. For this, and many other reasons, we recommend transitioning to a webmail address. A webmail email address is one you can access from anywhere, no matter who provides your Internet service. While there are many webmail options, some examples include Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, and Yahoo.”

If you change your email address, please ensure you notify Dave Harron, Ken Zacharias, Judy Huston  and Roberta Roesler to ensure you continue receiving community-related emails.

May you all enjoy a peaceful, joyful and safe holiday season!


The Co-op has received many requests for information on snow clearing responsibilities.

MD of Foothills: (provided by the Deputy Director of Operations, Public Works)
The larger highway plow trucks, with side blades look after all the major roads in the MD that have higher traffic volumes and speed limits. These roads will always take priority over 'internal subdivision' roads. The liability factor, and risk of serious injury accidents, or worse, is far greater than on low traffic volume roads with lower speed limits.

For Priddis Greens one of the MD's large highway plows looks after Priddis Greens Dr. from Hwy 22 up to the Golf Clubhouse and a smaller 1-ton truck with plow will clear the 'internal' roads. (Sunrise Way & Sunset Way) Both of these trucks cover a vast area, so the roads in the Hamlet of Priddis Greens are just a fraction of what these trucks are responsible for.

When there is a 'snow event' like the one before Christmas it will take the MD's fleet of 21 pieces of equipment (9 plow trucks, 10 graders, 2 small 1-ton trucks) a minimum, of 72 hours to clear all roads (approximately 4,400 lane kilometers).
When we receive back-to-back snow events before the first one is cleared, they basically have to start all over again.

With major snowfalls, the staff is instructed to make a quick pass in and out of all their dedicated roads to ensure all residents receive the same level of service and to accommodate emergency vehicles if required, then they return later to clear snow properly. Occasionally, and when time permits, the larger highway plow will use the side blade to push back snow further into ditches to widen all roadways to make room for the future snowfalls.

The MD is also responsible for cleaning the Walking Path at Priddis Greens usually within 48 hours of a snow event, with equipment used for other pathways and parking lots that they are responsible for throughout the MD.

RCBS Cats Inc.: The Co-op's contract provides for 30 'callouts' during the season (Nov 15-Apr 15). Snow clearing on Christmas Day or New Years Day count as 2 callouts. They clear the driveways and sidewalks for the 26 Condo Corps, the service roadway to the Raven #7 Wastewater Treatment Plant and the mailbox areas at Sunrise and Sunset Ways. They try to alternate the 'start' of their snow clearing between these subdivisions when they are called out. Single family homeowners clear their own driveways and sidewalks or arrange for a separate contractor to do that work.

Golf Club Turf Care Department: Clears snow from the Turf Care compound, clubhouse parking lot and around the clubhouse and the access road to the Co-op's #1 Lift Station off of Sunset Way.

Hopefully this information provides residents with a better understanding of the snow clearing process.


Normal household waste pickup schedule will begin again on Monday, January 8, 2018.

On the Edge Concert Series” is pleased to present Gianetta Baril, an accomplished harpist from Calgary, on January 21, 2018. She has performed solo and in chamber music recitals throughout Western Canada. Gianetta will be playing with the Foothills Brass Quintet. This group of five musicians are from Calgary, and play classics, jazz, ragtime and other genres.

Tickets are $25 for adults, $10 for Youth and free for children 12 and under - available at the door. You may also phone 403-256-3181 ext 5 or go online at to purchase tickets in advance.

Doors open at 2:00 pm and refreshments are available for purchase. The concert begins at 3:00 pm. Red Deer Lake United Church is located 7 km west of Macleod Trail on highway 22X.
Click on image to expand
For most amateurs, the best wood in the bag is the pencil.

... Chi Chi Rodriguez
To ALL Residents of Priddis Greens 

We have been very fortunate in the past to have many of our neighbours commit their time and energy as Directors on our Priddis Greens Services Co-op (PGSC) Board, with some having served multiple terms. This year, the Board has 2 vacancies, each for 3-year terms to be filled at our AGM in April. ALL residents of Priddis Greens (including single family homeowners) are eligible to serve as a Director on the Co-op Board.

As we prepare for our upcoming Annual General Meeting, I would urge that each of you seriously consider offering your time and talents as a Director on our Board.

The Priddis Greens Services Co-op is responsible for providing and managing various services to residents, which include but are not limited to potable water, sewage treatment, garbage pickup, lawn irrigation, lawn maintenance and fertilizing, snow removal and dangerous tree removal. The Board would benefit from those of you who have some experience working with financial information. You need not be a Certified Public Accountant, nor a bookkeeper, but simply comfortable reading and understanding balance sheets and profit & loss statements as part of the Board's governance duties in overseeing expenses related to the Co-op's $927,000 annual operating budget.

The commitment is not onerous. The Board normally meets 6 to 7 times throughout the year. The General Manager organizes the meetings and provides Board members with needed information in advance of each of these meetings. 

If you are interested in serving your community in this important role as a Director, please respond to the Co-op's Chairman:
              Russ Huston at:
              Phone: 403.931.0016
              Cell: 403.999.9319
I have been getting a number of complaints from residents lately about mail being delivered to the wrong box. I have experienced this myself in having mail delivered to my box that belonged to someone else and vice versa. I’d like to request two things to address this issue:

In the short-term, if mail is delivered to your box that is addressed to a different box, can you please do one of two things:

Deliver the mail to the house mailbox of the correct address

Write “Delivered to Incorrect Box” and insert in the new mail slot on the community boxes.
The former is the most desirable, but I understand if you aren’t able to do that.

To address this in the long-term, I ask that everyone that has experienced this problem lately to inform Canada Post. I talked to them on the phone this morning and they advised that everyone who has a concern should complete the online form. The more people that complain, the more likely it is that Canada Post will pay attention.  

Here is the link to the online complaint form. 

I complained a couple of months ago, but completed one again today.

Roberta Roesler
President, Priddis Greens Community Association

Lots of calls and emails, asking what to do with the Public Notice message sent late yesterday.

In 2015 the government changed the legislation with the adoption of the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act. The amendments to the Act changed the inspection requirements for all wastewater and water treatment plants in the province. Licences have an expiry date requiring an inspection to reissue licences for anther period of time. When the Act became effective (in 2015) the change in inspection requirements for all licences for all facilities automatically became due at the same time. With the limited number of inspectors and the large number of plants in the province, this created a huge backlog and the government has had to provide 'extensions' to licences until an inspection under the new guidelines in the Act could be completed. Inspections are being done with larger systems first and working towards smaller operations like ours. At this point we don't know for sure but anticipate that further extensions may be required, in which case there may be further requests from Alberta Environment and Parks to send more Public Notices.

Because an extension for our facility has been granted, the Act requires us to advise everyone in the area that might be affected to have input into the regulatory decisions as allowed by the Act (section 73). There is an option to pay to have the 'Public Notice" published for one day in a newspaper for everyone in the region covered by that newspaper publication to see or email or hand deliver the Notice to those directly serviced by the plant. We chose the less costly method and to email the Notice. A copy of the notice and a list of all the people that have been advised has to be submitted to Environment and Parks as proof the notice was sent. The notice simply provides information on how to submit a written statement of concern.

Other than reading the notice, unless you have a concern you need not do anything more.

You will find the Public Notice on the Services Co-op page.