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Community Association:

The Priddis Greens Community Association represents the home owners within the original Hamlet of Priddis Greens.  It has a mandate to preserve the quality of our community through preservation and enhancement of architectural standards and the natural setting of the community.  The association also promotes activities of a recreational and social nature for the residents of Priddis Greens, and will take a leadership role in acting on behalf of the members of the association on matters of common interest.

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The Hamlet of Priddis Greens, Alberta T0L1W0
Services Co-op:

The purpose is to provide the following services to the community:
 - Potable water supply  and 
   sewage treatment
 - Garbage pick-up
 - Snow removal
 - Grass maintenance
 - Summer irrigation 
   (non-potable water)

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The player may experiment with his swing, his grip, his stance.  It is only when he begins asking his caddie's advice that he is getting on dangerous ground. 

... Sir Walter Simpson

About Us:
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The Priddis Greens Face Book page will carry communications from Priddis Greens residents now. Please request to be our friend on Facebook and chat with your neighbours about community events. Use the timeline to post anything you want to share. We will use the comments to reply. People sharing with people to build community. 

The Priddis Greens Mahjong Players continue to meet through the winter. This is a mixed group of players which welcomes other players of any skill level. The players with more skill are guiding new players and enjoying the game together. And building community doing it.

John Riseborough and Lynn Donaldson will host the players every Wednesday afternoon from 1pm to 4pm. Everyone is welcome but it's a good idea to connect with Lynn so she can make sure enough Mahjong sets are available.

Lynn's contact is 403-620-2196 or
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Community Association 
Upcoming Social Events - 2017

Suncapers Golf Tournament
Sunday August 20 

YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS!! Our annual Resident’s Golf and Dinner is a highlight for our community!



PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR handicap scores (or number of times you’ve played this year) for FUN teams and GREAT prizes!  
If golfing isn’t your thing - DINNER is sure to be a HIT - our friendly community is PRICELESS!


Click here for the updated Poster details

If you are a non-golfer - we would still love to see you at dinner! 
May 6:  Info from Roberta:

The current Priddis Greens Community Association (PGCA) Bylaws (479573 Alberta Society) were written in 1990 when the PGCA first began functioning. The Bylaws are meant to guide the operation of the PGCA Board to ensure that it operates within the Society Alberta Act and meets the needs of the community. In the ensuing 27 years, the Bylaws have become out of date, and difficult to enact. Thus, the Board, in consultation with the past-President Charles Ruigrok, undertook a rewrite. The draft has been approved by the Board, reviewed by a lawyer specializing in Bylaws that meet Society Alberta requirements, and will be presented to the community for ratification at the June 27, 2017 Annual General Meeting. To ratify, a favourable vote of not less than 75% of the members who, if entitled to vote, do so in person.

The Bylaws have been completely rewritten from the current version. The draft of the Bylaws that you will be asked to vote upon is on the Members Login page of the website. If you’d like to compare the Draft to the current version, it can be found in the New Resident’s Guide to Our Community handbook (Tab 2), or on the Priddis Greens Community Association website. Proceed to the Members login.

Ratification of the rewritten Bylaws is an important step in the governance and oversight of the PGCA. Please review the attached Draft Bylaws and be prepared to vote to Accept or Reject them at the AGM on June 27th. Attendance of at least one member of your household at the AGM is important and required to vote. If you have questions, comments, or concerns, you may direct them to me or bring them to the AGM where you can ask them in person.

May 11:  Please see the Links page for an update from Suzanne Oel regarding the Rural 911 Dispatch
May 31:  Message from Roberta:

The recent incidents of home break-ins in the area has caused concerns about security in our neighbourhood. It is comforting to know that despite the recent spate of break-ins, the actual incidents of crime in our MD are not increasing year over year, according to the RCMP. However, in response to the concerns, I convened a meeting with representatives from Hawk’s Landing/Nest, Priddis Greens, Priddis Co-Op, Priddis Golf Course and the MD. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss additional security measures that could be taken to improve security. Some options discussed were: full-time security guards, installation of cameras, installation of one or more gates. I’d like to thank Geoff Dodsworth for his investigation of a variety of gating and guarding options including cost. We have decided to start with two low-cost approaches and then assess their effectiveness before taking further action. The approaches are:

1. Raise awareness of all residents in our community regarding how to keep their homes, and therefore our neighbourhood, better protected against burglary. I worked with our Councillor Suzanne Oel, and our RCMP Representative Corporal Tiffany McGregor, to compile the tips for better protecting your home. If we all follow these tips, our community will become less desirable to would-be burglars. I’d recommend that you discuss the list at your next Condo Corporation meetings to determine if there are actions all members in the quad can take together.

2. Dave Harron, representing the Priddis Co-Op, agreed to investigate the installation of signs in our neighbourhood warning would-be burglars that our neighbourhood is under video surveillance. Although many sophisticated burglars are good at thwarting video surveillance and therefore may not be deterred by the signs, the signs may discourage less sophisticated burglars and other petty crime.

If these measures are not sufficient, we can then pursue other measures such as gates and security guards. 

The topic of Community Security has been added as a discussion item for the June 27th AGM, so you are welcome to come and provide your input at that time.

Please let me know if you have comments, questions or concerns.
June 19:  Message from Charles:

 Lines to facilitate pickleball play were recently added to the east tennis court in the Hamlet of Priddis (two pickleball courts on one tennis court). A steel utility box with pickleball nets and balls has been set up adjacent to the courts (the box is locked – access information will be communicated at pickleball orientation meetings that will be scheduled in the near future). 

  I would like to set up a distribution list of all those that are interested in playing pickleball (beginners are welcome). Please send me a message if you would like to be included on the list ( You can also call me at 403-931-1619. Please let me know at your earliest convenience so that we can get you on the courts sooner than later.

  I plan to do a brief survey of all who express interest to get an understanding of players level of skill and preferred playing times in an effort to set up some common times for play that work for most while also accommodating time for tennis play on the second court. The preferred playing times will be used to set up a few orientation sessions where things like net access, assembly and disassembly will be covered, and any other questions you may have can also be addressed.

Thanks, Charles Ruigrok
June 21:  Message from Roberta regarding updates to the Restrictive Covenants.  Please see the Members Login area for details.
July 4:  the 2016 Audited Financial Statements from the Services Co-op is on the Members Login page
July 7:  Message from Roberta:

I’ve been asked to remind all residents of the speed limit within Priddis Greens. Chad Thomlinson recently sent the following to all Golf Course Members:

The speed limit once you enter Priddis Greens is 40km/hr. Take this as an opportunity to prepare properly for your visit to Priddis by driving slowly and calmly as you enter. Conversely, continue to enjoy your day by leaving slowly! We experienced a single vehicle accident just south of the bend by Hawk #2 last week. There was substantial vehicle damage but thankfully the injuries were fairly minor. We share the road with a lot of types of traffic and safety must prevail over unsafe or distracted driving.

Let’s ensure that as residents we model the desired behaviour for visitors to our beautiful little hamlet. Thank you.
Work on our 2017- 2018 Priddis Greens Directory is underway.  

If you have a photograph that you think captures or highlights our unique community, please send it to Lynn Donaldson at  

You are welcome to submit as many as you like.
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Check out the Photos Page 
for pics of the block party 

RE: Service Schedule Changes: 

You may have also noticed that work has begun on cleaning up dead and dying trees in the municipal reserve area in the centre of the 'loop' on Sunrise Way. Residents are free to take any logs that have been cut and piled near the edge of this area for their personal use.

There will be more clean up as time permits.
RE: Lawn Irrigation 

Everyone is aware that the M.D. of Foothills has issued a Wildfire Warning and a Fire Ban on all open fires. The main reason for this is the result of the extremely dry conditions that we have and continue to experience.

The dry (close to drought) conditions is also taxing both our potable and irrigation water supply. We are asking residents to conserve water, especially lawn irrigation water. Your lawn only needs about 90 minutes of watering not more than twice a week to remain healthy and green. Over watering is a total waste of valuable water and creates the possibility of having to implement restrictions or a complete shutdown of the irrigation system. In addition, too much water in hot conditions promotes various grass diseases, like the 'Dollar Spot' issue we had last summer. Please conserve water wherever possible, especially when watering lawns.

For Sunset Way residents, Bow Mark Paving asks nobody water lawns from 'now' until at least Friday evening. Water on the driveway cut-ins that need to be paved has a negative affect on how well the new asphalt adheres to the underlying pavement. 
July 28:  



Please be aware that the Wildfire Hazard in our area continues to be considered extreme. The Fire Ban is in place on all open fires, including burn barrels and recreation fire pits. All burn permits and fireworks permits have been revoked. The Fire Ban will remain in place until the entire M.D. of Foothills receives significant rainfall. Residents as well as any contractors working on your property are strongly urged to be careful when using any equipment (motorized ATV's, lawnmowers, chainsaws etc.) that might cause a spark to ignite a fire. This also includes the need for the proper disposal of cigarettes and cigars while working or just relaxing outside.
We can't stress enough how easily wildfires can start and how vulnerable our communities are being located in such dry and heavily wooded terrain.  

Visit the FireSmart Canada website for information on being prepared for Wildfire Evacuations.

Scroll down and click on the FireSmart Last-minute Wildfire Checklist 
Aug 14:  It’s time once again to gather accurate information for our Priddis Greens Directory for the 2017-2018 Edition. Please check the file that was attached to my email and be sure that your NAME is spelled correctly, your PHONE NUMBER(s) and EMAIL ADDRESS(S) are current and we have you at the right ADDRESS.

If you’re info is all correct, please reply to my email and say “All is correct” (or something to that effect). 

If some of your information is missing or incorrect, please reply to my email and let me know what needs to be changed. 

If there are two people in your household with email addresses, you will both get my email. Please, both reply. That will simplify my life greatly!

If you’d like to discuss any of this you can call me at 403-607-7256 at any time. As long as I’m not driving my truck and would risk careening into a ditch, I’d love to talk to you. If I don’t pick up the phone, just leave me a message and I’ll call you back as soon as I can. 

Please get back to me as quickly as possible. I have to have all of this data collated, formatted and into the printer VERY SOON. Your Directory and my sanity are counting on your quick reply. 

All the best!!! 
Ken Zacharias 
Keeper Of The Data 
Priddis Telephone Directory 

19 Sunrise Way 
Priddis, Ab 
T0L 1W0 
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