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Effective November 1, 2017, the City of Calgary implemented a number of enhanced dumping restrictions for all carriers using facilities at city landfill sites.

As a result, GFL Environmental will NOT take any flattened 'cardboard' as landfill sites will not allow cardboard to be mixed with household garbage. Loads that have cardboard mixed in are charged a significant surcharge per metric ton for that load. Please, only put household garbage out, for pickup by GFL. Household garbage must be in tied plastic bags and placed in garbage can's with tight fitting lids. Our contract allows for two garbage cans per household per week. Garbage should be put out before 7:30 AM each MONDAY for pickup.

For those residents using Range Recycling for cardboard and other recyclable items the pickup day remains as WEDNESDAY, however the pick time is changed to between 8:30 and 9:30 AM. If you have not subscribed to this weekly service and would like to, please go to the Range Recycling website at to subscribe or for more information.

The worse your drive is stymied, the more
perfectly it would have played on the previous hole.
I have been getting a number of complaints from residents lately about mail being delivered to the wrong box. I have experienced this myself in having mail delivered to my box that belonged to someone else and vice versa. I’d like to request two things to address this issue:

In the short-term, if mail is delivered to your box that is addressed to a different box, can you please do one of two things:

Deliver the mail to the house mailbox of the correct address

Write “Delivered to Incorrect Box” and insert in the new mail slot on the community boxes.
The former is the most desirable, but I understand if you aren’t able to do that.

To address this in the long-term, I ask that everyone that has experienced this problem lately to inform Canada Post. I talked to them on the phone this morning and they advised that everyone who has a concern should complete the online form. The more people that complain, the more likely it is that Canada Post will pay attention.  

Here is the link to the online complaint form. 

I complained a couple of months ago, but completed one again today.

Roberta Roesler

This website is for the use of the residents of 
Sunrise Way and Sunset Way.  
We have experienced residents of Hawks Landing and Nest emailing questions that are not pertinent to our area.

CORN/LOBSTER BOILSunday, September 22nd, time TBARaven Concession/Grounds

Message from Roberta:


As you may recall, at last year’s AGM, we asked you to vote on the acceptance of revised Bylaws for the Association. The vote exceeded 75% approval, thus the new Bylaws were accepted by the membership. They were then submitted to Society Alberta and were accepted in February 2018. The new Bylaws are now in effect. They can be found on in the Members Login page.

For those that have a New Resident’s Guide, the old Bylaws can be found in the Appendices under Tab 2 in the Guide. The attached Bylaws actually replace Schedule B only. I suggest you discard Schedule B and replace it with the attached document. 

The revised Bylaws will help the Association operate efficiently and effectively. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

We have had a number of enquiries asking if the Axia locator flags can be removed, especially to allow for lawn cutting. The answer is No! Even if you haven’t seen workers around for a while, if your flags are still up, they are still needed to mark something below like Gas lines, irrigation lines, etc. If they are prematurely removed, it could cause significant delays for the Axia installation, or damage could occur. The Axia crews have agreed to remove the flags once they are no longer needed. This means the lawn cutting staff will need to work around the flags. Dave Harron will work with them to determine the best solution.

So, bottom line, leave the flags in place and they will be removed by Axia contractors when they are no longer needed. Thanks to those who enquired.
Thank you to those who stayed after the AGM Tuesday evening for our Information Session. I was told that it provided some interesting, and needed, information. As promised, a copy of the presentation we delivered, and also two EXAMPLE documents are in the Members Login area:

 Example of an Information/Disclosure Statement that is required initially for the Sale of Condo. Although you can get an external company to complete the Statement, it can also be done by a representative (e.g., the President) of the Condo Corporation. This was provided by Ken Zacharias and has been redacted to ensure privacy. 

Example of an Estoppel Certificate that is required as part of the Closing Sale documents. It also can be completed by an external party, or by a representative (e.g. the President) of the Condo Corp. It was provided by Sally Adams. 

Each sale and each circumstance is unique, but these at least provide a starting point. A big thanks to Sally and Ken.

Roberta Roesler

Hello Neighbours,

I’ve had a few enquiries from residents about the potential impact of the proposed Valhalla Facility following last week’s Open House. I’ve had a conversation with Suzanne Oel and she agrees that the residents of Priddis Greens will not be significantly impacted by the facility if it proceeds. There are some arguments that it could actually be advantageous for us in terms of improving public awareness of our Hamlet, but there are not any foreseeable negative impacts to us.

Having said that, there is another hearing at the MD Foothills offices in High River next Wednesday at 1:30. If you have something you’d like to say regarding the facility (good or bad), you are welcome to write to the File Manager Heather McInnes, at and she will ensure your letter is given to the Council prior to the meeting. You are also welcome to attend the meeting. The address and directions to the MD Foothills offices can be found on their website.



As a followup to the previous message on Unlicensed Cart Drivers, it has been brought to my attention that some residents are driving their golf carts on the 'walking path' to travel along Priddis Greens Drive.

This path was built as a 'walking' path only and is narrower than the cart paths on the golf course and is not meant for golf cart use. Please do not drive golf carts on the walking path.

When driving golf carts on Priddis Greens Drive, Sunrise Way or Sunset Way use caution and please keep to the right edge of the roadway. Check behind often and always be sure to use hand signals to indicate left-hand or right-hand turns, especially if there are other vehicles close by. 


In a recent E-Mail Newsletter to golf club members, among other items there was an important message regarding a Priddis Greens Golf Club Policy, that we feel should be repeated to residents who own golf carts. With lots of families with young children visiting over this Canada Day weekend this message is especially important.

Please note that only persons 16 years of age and over, and who hold a valid driver's license, may rent, lease or operate power carts. Juniors who are 14 years and over who hold a valid learner's permit may operate a power cart provided they are accompanied by a person who holds a valid driver's license and is 18 years of age or older. This policy is designed to keep our members and their guests safe. Power carts are motor vehicles and those without the proper training and experience to operate such, create a serious liability to themselves and to the Club. (or cart owner)
There will be no tolerance for non-compliance with this policy.

If you were at the AGM last Tuesday June 26, you know that I have resigned from the Board after serving as a Director for almost 5 years. It was time to hand the reigns!

The new Board met on Friday and voted in Lynn Donaldson as the new Chair. Congratulations Lynn! All future PGCA Chair communication will come from Lynn, so please contact her at with any Board-related requests.

I has been my pleasure to serve you. My best wishes go to Lynn and the new Board as they begin another year of PGCA stewardship.

July 1:  
A car on Sunset Way, that was inadvertently left unlocked, was vandalized last night between 11 PM and this morning. Personal items were taken that would have little value to the thief, but were of great value to the car owner. This is a good reminder to ensure vehicles are locked and other precautions taken to discourage would-be vandals.
When residents undertake major household renovations, it is normal for them to rent large waste bins for the contractors to use to hold the debris from the the renovations. These bins are rented and paid for by each homeowner for the exclusive use by their contractors. There are load limits on the bins and when they are full they are removed and the homeowner pays the disposal fee. From time to time there are one or more of these bins located throughout the community at homes undergoing renovations.  

It has come to our attention via photographs that some individual(s) are taking advantage of the opportunity to use these 'private' bins to dispose of their own old or unwanted household items. One bin for example has had chairs, an ottoman, baby car seat, Allen & Roth privacy screen boxes, and even large bones etc. added to the construction debris! This type of trash adds to the load limit of the bin. The homeowner has to pay for the disposal and then often has to rent another bin so their renovation projects can be completed.

From time to time there are one or more of these bins located in driveways throughout the community at homes undergoing renovations. Most but not all of the major home renovations are being undertaken by new residents and taking advantage of using these bins by anyone to dispose of their personal 'trash' in no way to welcome newcomers or treat any homeowner in our beautiful community.

Please be good neighbours and not dispose of your personal household trash in these 'private' bins.

Dave Harron  
General Manager
Priddis Greens Services Co-op Ltd.
Our Annual Condo Capers Golf Tournament
is just around the corner.
Details are below…

Here are the Highlights!

*Friends and Family rate for Non-Member golfers - $109.00!

* Dinner only for Non-Golfers (or those who don’t want to try!)

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*Play with great friends - old and new!

* Non-members please provide your Handicap score OR
last 5 golf scores and where played!!
(so we can balance the team skills)

Sign up: BY August 4th, 2018

NOTE: Your Times and Tees will be available on the website 4 days prior to event!!

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